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The information about staff qualification of ,,Orbi Ltd security of real and moveable estate”

The qualification of Orbi’s staff is defined according to defend measures of different objects Which is reflected in Security Plan. The age of each Security Guard determined from 25 to 45 They have been working for the ,,Orbi” for several years. During the period each of them gained the big experience. It is confirmed with the fact that ,,Orbi” has never been complained by its customers and has never been fined. The Security Guard of ,,Orbi “Ltd provides the protection of properties several tens of millions.Tey have also been given appropriate training. A guard acts according to Orbi’s routine, orders and instruction, by using technical means in practice.

All the employees of Security Service ,,Orbi” are insured by an insurance company
Personnel Special Uniform
Personnel Special Uniform a rain coat and cloak to be worn at additional events.
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