Our services

Physical protection

Despite the development of technologies, bodyguard security protection remains the most
effective method of security, bodyguard security includes the following services:

1. Bodyguard security,
2. Protection service of Shopping centers, supermarkets, shops and trade-exhibition
3. Protection service of Offices, business centers, banks, restaurants, night clubs, casinos,
hotels, salons and cafes.
4. Protection service of buildings, premises, VIP houses, multi-store buildings, entrances,
garage, cottages and parking lots.
5. Protection service of Hospitals and pharmacies.
6. Security service of Educational Institutions, Universities, Schools and gardens.
7. Security service of Exhibition halls, business meetings, conferences, guests protection,
meeting and exclusion.
8. Protection of constructions, factories, outer perimeter, warehouses, safes, cargo,
pipelines and checkpoints.
9. Protection of cultural and sporting events.
10. Cargo Security and escorting.
11. Security and escorting of tourist groups.


Alarm Systems

Install and ensure alarm systems for:

  1. Apartments, cottages, offices, ATM.
  2. Lifts, garage, basements;
  3. Outer perimeter;
  4. The Alarm system for the hospitals;
  5. Seasonal alarms;
  6. Autonomous alarms;
  7. Emergency alarms (voltage switching, moisture, temperature rise, water flooding, etc;
  8. CO and gas leak alarms;
  9. Involve the alarm remote seasonally;
  10. Rental of Alarm systems.

Video Control

  1. High resolution video footage;
  2. Video control via internet;
  3. Video surveillance systems;
  4. Video recording devices;
  5. Video Monitoring;
  6. Technical Group provides your facility with modern video surveillance equipment.

Monitoring Services from central office


Access systems

  1. Electronic access systems;
  2. Fingerprint and Facial recognition systems;
  3. Video and audio  door phone;
  4. Personnel Access and recording systems;
  5. Tournaments and slugs;
  6. Electric locomotives, gate automatic mechanisms and parking lots.

GPS control

  1. Vehicle movement route.
  2. Video Server, Screen, Monitor Corps, Keyboard cleanup and etc.
  3. Control of fuel spending;
  4. Parking spaces;
  5. Number of transferred passengers;
  6. Drivers’ working hours control;
  7. Dispatcher connection;
  8. Immobilizer;
  9. Engine blocking with SMS;
  10. Virtual garage;
  11. Automobile protection (operational responses to the alarm system)

Technical Services

  1. system checkup;
  2. System resource diagnostics, memory mass and error checking;
  3. Checkup the system parameters , install and set up a special software;
  4. Diagnostics and repair of server ventilation and cooling system;
  5. Clean the lens of internal video cameras;
  6. Corpus cleanup;
  7. Camera direction adjustment;
  8. Visual control of connections;
  9. Inspection of thermodynamic of external video cameras;
  10. Thermo cover glass cleaning;


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