About Us

The company was founded on the base of “Orbi” LLC. During the work over
the years, the company has managed to present to the target market as a
solid and reliable organization, Which is due to high organizational culture,
qualified personnel, with the latest technical equipment, Liability insurance and
continuously growing service quality.
In order to ensure high level of protection activities, the company is equipped
with special protection technologies, Also, If necessary, there are mobilized
well-prepared bodyguards, they ensures the secure object to operate in a
peaceful and secure environment.
The main activity of the company is to protect the property of physical and
legal persons.
Security service "Orbi" offers to the client service provided by the latest
technical means (GPRS Alarm Monitoring Points Access Control Systems,
Video Systems, Digital Video Records).

The company is equipped with operated cars where the central transmitter is
installed, whereby the customer has the opportunity to observe the movement
of the operational group.
In costumer- client relations the Company is represented for its lowest
prices of service and high service quality. The company's risks are insured
and responsible for reimbursement of material damage.

About employees

Currently the company employs several hundred employees. Majority of people employed in our company has many years of experience in security service. The company is constantly carrying out activities in terms of enhancing staff qualification, which is reflected in the quality of service and relations with customers. The organization operates with considerable social responsibility and actively involved in charitable or environmental events.


Phone: +995 32 2 35 34 23

Mobile: +995 574 60 60 60, +995 574 06 06 06

Email: orbidacva@mail.ru , contact@orbisecurity.ge
Tbilisi, Tsabadze №1